Bird's Nest 鸟巢

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Birds Nest
- My photos of Beijing 2008 Olympic main Stadium

Oct. 1 to 5 in 2008 are the first public opening days of the Beijing 2008 Olympic park. I had the opportunity to have a whole day fun in that fantastic place and shot a lot of pictures.

Here id like to share you 37 of my shots in The Birds Nest, the Olympic main Stadium. More of The Water Cube, the National Aquatics Centre, are coming soon.

Rescaled photos to fit iPhones screen are enclosed. I have also prepared a professional version of this application, Birds Nest Pro. With it you have one more option to request for the original files with 3000x2000 pixels as your source material to create artworks for commercial and uncommercial purposes.

Im not a professional photographer nor a Photoshoper with plenty of time and patience. I just want to share my fun and help people who may need source materials.